Managed IT Services

Backed by 20 years of real world industry experience, we are one of the South West's premier managed service providers. We offer a wide range of professional and cost effective IT solutions that are designed to fit any budget, and whether you're running a large corporate network or you just operate a small office at home, we're confident we can help you reduce your ongoing IT costs and completely eliminate the stress of managing your own IT infrastructure.

Home Based Office

Home based offices generally consist of a single laptop or PC, a printer and a small broadband router. The network requirements tend to be limited, with WiFi being the primary means of connectivity in most cases.


Small home based offices generally do not enjoy the benefits of business grade connectivity, and suffer a hightened risk of malicious software being introduced when family members use the WiFi with unmanaged devices, and poor network performance when they use streaming services such as YouTube. The computer itself also represents a single point of failure, with viruses, corruption or hardware failure potentially leaving the business unable to operate.

How We Can Help

Through regular health checks and 24/7 hardware monitoring, we will keep your computer in top condition and proactively deal with any issues before they become business affecting. We will make sure your WiFi network remains secure and also support the printer and broadband connection as required.

Small Office

Small office networks tend to consist of a small number of workstations and a networked printer. All devices generally connect into a single network switch, with external connectivity provided by a seperate broadband router. The software platform is most often Microsoft Office running on a Windows network.


As a business grows it becomes increasingly dependent on its IT infrastructure, with efficient data management and access to shared resources becoming critical to daily operations. If not managed properly, the infrastructure will be unable to meet the demands of the business and the resulting impact could prove to be disasterous.

How We Can Help

We can help support the growth of your business by ensuring you have the right IT solutions in place, offering performance and stability that exceed all expectations. Through our 24/7 monitoring and remote support platforms we can proactively deal with any issues before they impact your business, giving you complete peace of mind.

Large Office

Large office networks have a significant number of workstations and often span multiple floors. They generally have a secure comms room for the network hardware and any dedicated servers, such as a Domain Controller for managing user authentication and access to internal business resources.


Having a large number of users puts a great deal of strain on a business network, with increased security and bandwidth requirements in addition to the need for constant support. Large networks can also become disorganised over time, with redundant cabling left in place and comms rooms in complete disarray.

How We Can Help

We will make sure your IT infrastructure is both secure and capable of meeting the demands of your business, with efficiently routed and properly labeled cabling. We can also help you support your users, taking over routine administration tasks and providing technical support as required. We can offer you the benefits of your own in-house IT department at a mere fraction of the cost.

Why Choose Us?

Somerset Enterprise Support Ltd is lead by veteran IT professional Dan Govier who has been working professionally in the IT industry since 1996, having supported everything from Windows 3.11 networks on coaxial cabling to large modern day Cisco based networks on a truly global scale.

In any given region you are are likely to find dozens of IT service providers, ranging in quality from professional teams to simple hobbyists trying to make a bit of extra cash. They all have their place, but what sets us apart from the crowd is our extensive experience, our exceptional customer focused approach, and our ability to offer genuinely competitive prices without having to sacrifice our quality of service.

What Our Customers Think

It may sound like a cliché, but our customers truly are important to us. We work hard to understand their business, and our customer focused approach ensures they are getting the best possible level of service.

But don't just take our word for it, here's what our customers have to say: